Loli Stams

Tavern on the James- August 2016

Pier at St. Simons, GA    
Acrylic Paint    23 X 27

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Loli’s love of art goes back to her early childhood. Born and raised in New York City, Loli applied and was accepted to study Advertising and Fashion Illustration at the High School of Art and Design.  She went to the Fashion Institute of Technology for a short period of time before marrying and starting a family……….Life took a turn.  After becoming a widow at the tender age of 27, she remarried to Paul Stams a father of 2.
Loli went back to school and studied Health Care Administration.  
She made her career and retired from this field. 

Art and it’s appreciation still remained a large part of her focus when making a home with Paul and their combined 4 children and when traveling. 

Fast forward to Fluvanna in 1999.  Now the Stams’ are fully retired and residents of Fluvanna County.  

Loli wanted to learn to do “fine art”.  The first baby step for Loli was to enroll in a drawing class at PVCC.  She continued this practice for several years until an illness prevented her from actively continuing her study and practice of art.

Within the last 2 years, Loli has once again decided to “do more art” and she joined Windy Payne’s painting group in the spring of 2011.  This has been a turning point in Loli’s artistic painting endeavor.  The knowledge and support she received at PVCC was immeasurable.  She has continued her studies with Karen Blair at the McGuffey. Loli seems to thrive in those types of settings.  She also helped organize a small painting group that meets weekly.  Lastly she recently rejoined FAA with her husband Paul. They share a love of art and are helpful in giving each other honest feedback on the progress of their individual art projects.  They seem to thrive by supporting and admiring the work that their partner does.

Rivanna River
Acrylic Paint    24 X 30

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Acrylic Paint    15 X 18

Acrylic Paint    27 X 33