Turkey & Bacon on Your Choice of Bread w/LTM

w/ French Fries or Chips|$5.95

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Pork BBQ, Cheeseburger, & Grilled Chicken Breast w/Mayo on Pretzel Rolls. Served w/ French Fries or Chips|$6.95

Available Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m. ONLY


Lunch Specials Under $7
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Grilled Cheese &

Soup of the Day


Grilled Romaine 

w/ Asiago Crostini Stuffed Mushrooms | $6.50

••• Please contact Tavern on the James to inquire about available reservations •••

6oz. Chicken Burger w/ LTM

w/ French fries or chips|$5.95

Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce

Served with Garlic Bread|$6.50

Call for Reservations

1/4lb. Burger w/ LTM

w/ French Fries or Chips|$5.95

(434) 286-3500

1/2 Order or Nachos


Soup of the Day & Salad


Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans


Fried Catfish on a Bun

w/ Cole Slaw & French Fries or Chips|$6.95